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The IKBLC Safety Resource Centre is a website for IKBLC Staff that places all key safety related documents and procedures at your finger tips. For questions or more information, please contact your IKBLC Health, Safety and Security Committee representative.

Health & Safety Policies and Procedures

Pets in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre:

Background: Since 2007 the University Health and Safety Committee has advised that this issue be dealt with on a case-by-case basis in the affected faculty, department and/or unit. Accordingly, incidents can be brought to the attention of local health and safety committees.

Policy: The IKBLC Health and Safety Committee reviewed this issue at its October 2014 meeting.  A solid majority of the members agreed that pets are not permitted in the Learning Centre.  The exception to this policy is for registered animals that are serving as guides or aides to their owners.

IKBLC Health, Safety & Security Committee

Unit/Agency Name Contact Information
Chair Assistant Director, IKBLCEmergency Director Gordon Yusko
Co-Chair CTLT Mischa Markortoff
Archives/RBSC Erwin Wodarczak
Arts One/CAP Serena Gibbons
Arts One/CAP Rose Harper
Chapman Learning Commons Clare Yow
Digitization Centre Laura Ferris
Enrolment Services Scottford Price
iSchool/SLAIS Alynne Pols
IKBLC Circulation Vacant
Ike’s Café Ada De Luna
Library Administration & Facilities Alicia Munro
Library Facilities Vacant
Library Human Resources Chrissy Johnson
Music, Art and Architecture Leslie McAuley
Science One/CSP James Charbonneau
UBC Wellness Centre Veronica Marchuk

Monthly Safety Meetings

Date Minutes Inspection Area and Responsibility
January 15, 2015 Music, Art & Architecture – Leslie No inspections in January
February 19, 2015 IKBLC Admin – Gordon Level 4: Music, Ridington Mezzanine, stacks, staffroom, group study rooms – Leslie / Scottford
March 19, 2015 SLAIS – Alynne Jubilee Room, Musqueam Room – Gordon / Alynne
April 16, 2015 TBD Ike’s Cafe area – Ada / Gordon
May 21, 2015 TBD SLAIS – Alynne / Clare
June 18, 2015 TBD Level 3: MS Desk, library wing, group study rooms, Ridington Room, stacks – James

IKBLC First Aid Attendants

  • 1st Floor
    • Vitaly Lazovskih (CTLT), 604-827-4230
    • Veronica Marchuk (Wellness Centre), 604-822-4858
  • 2nd Floor
  • 3rd Floor
  • 4th Floor
    • Paula Farrar (Music, Art and Architecture), 604-822-4474
    • Connie Wintels (iSchool/SLAIS), 604-822-593
  • Please note that ALL Campus Security staff have Level 1 First Aid tickets


Workplace Inspections

Supervisors are required to regularly inspect their work areas to ensure that unsafe conditions or practices are discovered and eliminated or controlled. Inspections should be conducted approximately one week prior to the Safety Committee meeting to allow time to prepare the inspection report and consider various corrective actions to be discussed. For more information, please consult Section 5 of the Risk Management Safety Committee Training Manual.

Safety Orientation Resources

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