Mexico Fest

MexicoFest2013Mexico Fest began in 2008 as a celebration of the anniversary of Mexico’s Independence and has grown into the most important festival to be hosted by the Consulate of Mexico in British Columbia. Due to the growing interest the festival has attracted from the local community, MexicoFest has become a stronghold in the community.  The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre has hosted Mexico Fest in 2010 and will continue in the upcoming year.

In 2012, Mexico Fest encompassed one week of activities, starting on September 9th and concluding on September 14th.  Mexico Fest events were featured on local English and Spanish TV, radio and newspapers.  More than 15,000 people enjoyed the festivities, which reached more than 50,000 people.  The Consulate General in coordination with CCIME Western Canada, the Mexican Tourism Board in Vancouver, and the Mexican Trade Commission collaborated for a cultural exchange and presence of Mexico with the local and international community of British Columbia.

Mexico Fest 2013 will again be hosted at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.  Along with an artist exhibition featuring works from Baja California Sur, the Learning Centre will be partnering with the Consulate General in Vancouver, Cultural, Academic & Media Affairs for a series of cultural and academic events at UBC.

Paradise Between Two Seas at UBC – September 5 to September 15, 2013 at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre  

From September 5 to 15, 2013, Mexico Fest 2013 presents Baja California Sur Artifacts, an art exhibition, located at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre’s second floor foyer.  For more information about this exhibit, please find here.

For more information, please contact Allan Cho